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Tamar Braxton dishes on keeping your coin and your man

Cynthia Bailey and Peter Thomas

At the Circle of Sisters Expo 2013 held at the Jacob Javits, Tamar Braxton enthusiastically discussed why she believes in holding on to her “coins” when entering a marriage. Tamar tells why a woman to still needs maintain her independence during “Black Men Revealed”.

TJ Holmes circle of sister

One of the questions posed by Tamar to the panel was whether or not they felt it was okay for men to still maintain their friendships with other women while married.

T.J. Holmes responded :
        “I absolutely do… 100 percent, YES!! BUT every single one of my female friends, my
         wife can pick up the phone and text them right now. I don’t have any female
         friends on the side that my wife doesn’t know about. You [have to] make your
         woman or wife comfortable. The female friends are now not only my
         friends….They’re now our friends”
Kimari Clarke, freelance writer