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Circle of Sisters Expo 2013: New York

Circle of Sisters

The Circle of Sisters annual expo took place this weekend at the Jacob Javits Center in New York City. Circle of Sisters is one of the biggest expos for women of color since 1998. It hosts inspirational services, seminars, panel discussions and both R&B and gospel concerts on Saturday and Sunday. The expo also allows vendors to come out and promote their unique designs, products and services for their businesses. Celebrities across the entertainment industry came out to support and give their take on the different issues facing the African American community.

Roland Martin
On “The State of Black America” panel, Roland Martin, Dr. Michael Eric Dyson and Ed Gordon discussed parents taking more accountability for their children’s education instead of placing the responsibility entirely on the school system. They also discussed whether or not eliminating the N-word from this generation’s vernacular could improve the level of respect that we have for ourselves, each other and the respect we demand from outside cultures.
Tamar Braxton
On the “Black Men Revealed” panel, Tamar Braxton served as an entertaining moderator for the discussion. Topics included transparency concerning finances and infidelity. –kimari clarke