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‘Jersey Shore’ star Pauly D’s baby mama

PaulyD 3Pauly D tried to hide her. But what’s done in the dark — and in the heat of the moment — eventually comes to light.

The star of the mercifully defunct reality show “Jersey Shore” has been put on blast by his baby mama, Amanda Markert, after she waged a legal custody and child support war with spiked haired DJ, reported.

She is a Hooters alum who worked as a VIP hostess when she and Pauly got wasted in Vegas and had unprotected sex — and she hit the jackpot.

Pauly D, born Paul DelVecchio, willingly starred in the “Jersey Shore” show that many Italian-Americans hated. Yet he is questioning the sanity and fitness of his one-night stand jumpoff to care for their 5-month-old child. He is seeking full custody.

Check out the photos of Amanda Markert.