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Iggy Azalea turns down $1.5 million for an ‘intimate’ date

Iggy Azalea
is slowly becoming one of hip-hop’s most well-known sex symbols. The leggy Australian has yet to release her debut album, The New Classic but she’s been featured everywhere from magazine covers to online photo spreads. As her star has risen, so have the number of male admirers trying to get to her.

She’s dated fellow rapper A$AP Rocky and been linked to other stars like Nas and 2 Chainz. But her latest gossip-grabbing headline has more to do with a date that she turned down than any prospective mates in her near future. Azalea posted a copy of a story from the British newspaper The Sun on her Instagram page; the report was about the hip-hop star being offered 1 million British pounds to go on a date.

According to the report, the offer came after Iggy ran an online competition “offering to help change the lives of her fans.” One particularly bold fan with some cash to spare thought it would be a good time to take a chance on asking the starlet out on a date. The fan, reportedly a Russian oil tycoon, offered the money for what was politely described as “an intimate dinner.”

Azalea declined the offer. Her only commentary on social media was  a dismissive “Ha ha” alongside her post of The Sun’s story.