‘P-Valley’ finale causes social media inferno

“P-Valley” is trending via Twitter and the show’s audience is in a spiral after last night’s season finale, especially since a particular character will not be returning. Here’s what we know. During the season finale, the relationship between Lil Murda and Uncle Clifford starts to get intense. Lil Murda is supposed to be going on […]

Grambling State President Rick Gallot raises $1.2M via Bring it Home campaign

Grambling State University (GSU) is a place “where everybody is somebody,” and the current university president Rick Gallot is on a mission to ensure every matriculating student there knows it. In July of this year, the university embarked on a million dollar initiative to raise $1M by homecoming through their Bring it Home Campaign, which […]

Dr. Nicole Farmer helps minority entrepreneurs get millions in funding in Detroit

Photo credit: Shawn Lee Photography Business is booming in Detroit, and Dr. Nicole Farmer is the quarterback for minority entrepreneurs. Crime, corruption, bankruptcy, a failing school system and gentrification are many of the topics that keep Detroit front and center in the news. Although the city has had more than its fair share of bad […]

Make a million dollars in 1 year … maybe

Entrepreneur magazine recently put out a story that listed five tips on how to build a million-dollar company in one year. That’s right. One million in dollars in one year … without winning the lottery. Follow these tips and you and Lil’ Wayne might be singing a duet of ‘A Milli’ to bring in the […]