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‘P-Valley’ finale causes social media inferno

Find out which character has been confirmed to not return next season
'P-Valley' finale causes social media inferno
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“P-Valley” is trending via Twitter and the show’s audience is in a spiral after last night’s season finale, especially since a particular character will not be returning. Here’s what we know.

During the season finale, the relationship between Lil Murda and Uncle Clifford starts to get intense. Lil Murda is supposed to be going on tour, but decides to attend grandmother Ernestine’s celebration party while announcing to Uncle Clifford that he’s no longer going on tour because he wants to stay with him. Their season storyline ends with them seemingly coming out about their relationship, however, the audience is cliff-hung once it is revealed that Uncle Clifford is perhaps high and hallucinating.

Mississippi, also known as Keyshawn, tries to get away from her abusive boyfriend, but her evil stepmother gives her kids back to their father. When she arrives at her home, Child and Family Services greet her with guidelines to follow before her children are removed from her care. She becomes so upset and combative that she’s placed in handcuffs and carted off to jail.

According to P-Valley producer Katori Hall, Autumn Knight, also known as Hailey, will no longer be a member of the cast. As seen in this season, Hailey had taken over the Pynk as majority owner and had been making drastic changes. One of those changes was her attempt to sell the Pynk for $10 million, however, a new property was being built behind her back, canceling her offer. Uncle Clifford then tried to buy the Pynk from Hailey for 100 percent ownership with a $200,000 check and she didn’t think that offer was fair so she overdrew the club’s account for more money after taking the check. Not to mention it’s revealed that she is pregnant with twins, allegedly fathered by mayoral candidate Andre Watkins, who is married. Her character ends with her starting a new life away from Mississippi and with a large lump sum of cash.

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