Twitter female rips Draya Michele for criticizing her face and calling her ‘trash’

Twitter user "TheSlimGoddess"
Twitter user “TheSlimGoddess”

“Basketball Wives LA” star Draya Michele will definitely think twice before absent-mindedly firing shots at someone based on their looks.

A Twitter user by the name of “TheSlimGoddess” blasted open the doors on Draya Michele’s tranquil “Hollyweird” life and dragged the reality star through Twitter-verse after Draya dared to denounce TheSlimGoddess as “trash” who had a “lazy eye” on Twitter.draya beef2

Draya’s unprovoked diss sparked a four-alarm blaze of Twitter rage from TheSlimGoddess that incinerated the “Basketball Wives” star, who eventually retreated back to her corner of Hollywood looking like a burnt matchstick.

Remember, Draya Michele is the same woman who, without provocation, also spewed hate on the gorgeous WNBA basketball star Skylar Diggins as looking “aiight for a dude in a dress.”

Diggins, whose irresistible combination of beauty, intelligence (she graduated from Notre Dame) and skills on the court made her an attractive addition to Jay Z’s sports agency, did not respond to a neophyte like Draya Michele. But the reality star caught the right person, TheSlimGoddess, on the right day and she proceeded to rip Draya like a predator on a rotten carcass.

Take a look at how TheSlimGoddess blew Draya Michele’s wig back.



Terry Shropshire
Terry Shropshire

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