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Silver Spoon Brun explains how family ties helped his songwriting


Silver Spoon Brun had all of the resources at his fingertips to become involved in the music business. His uncle, Grammy winning producer and engineer Corey Rooney was crafting hits for superstar artists and the young boy from Queens began to pay more attention to what his uncle and his famous friends creating. “I’d been watching my uncle doing music around great artist like Mariah Carey, Jennifer Lopez, Mary J. Blige. I just fell in love with that at a young age.”

“[But] I didn’t study him, I was just around him and one day I picked it up,” Brun adds. “I wrote a song and I don’t know how I did it. I guess it was just from being around him for so many years. He didn’t encourage me at all. I don’t even think he wanted me to do it.”

Despite his cavalier introduction to the world of music, Brun soon realized that he had a talent that was worth pursuing. He put his interest in basketball on the back burner and dived headfirst into songwriting.

“They started calling me a ‘songwriter’ and I just ran with it,” he explains. “Once I started working with artists, then it was like ‘This is getting cool.’ I started writing. They signed Tamar Braxton to their label and I started writing with her; I went from her to Christina Milian to Jennifer Lopez and a whole bunch of artist used to come to Corey’s studio. I stated writing for Usher, the Pussycat Dolls. It became my job.”

Working with a bevy of A-listers was a huge benefit for Brun. “It kind of spoiled me. I started young — writing at 18,” he says. “So it was practice for me, it made me a better writer. It was like exercise.”

Eventually, Brun realized that he could use his talents to pursue his own career as an artist. He struck out on his own, launching his own label (Well-Written Music) with his partner E3, and he began crafting his first mixtape, the appropriately-titled “Life After Rooney.”

“Becoming an artist was just me realizing as I’m working on all these songs [that] I would play it back, and it was like an album,” he says. “So I decided to put something together for myself. That’s when I started.”

“I wasn’t afraid. I was behind the scenes and I’d seen Ne-Yo be a writer and become an artist, I’d seen The-Dream do it. a lot of artists that I worked with said ‘Man you should become an artist yourself.’ So that inspired me to start doing it.”

Now, with the release of his new single “20 Up,” Brun and Well-Written Music are poised for a major musical breakthrough. “Me and my partner have our own sound,” he says. “We call it the Well-Written Music sound. A lot of these guys are making trap music, I’m trying to bring back the good era of music. That Puff Daddy, Bad Boy era.”

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