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Entertainment » Cookie Johnson opens up about supporting her gay son, EJ Johnson

Cookie Johnson opens up about supporting her gay son, EJ Johnson

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Over the last year, EJ Johnson has gone from relative obscurity to becoming a pioneer and role model in the black gay community as well as a burgeoning star on the rise. But it goes without question that his famous parents, Magic and Cookie Johnson, played a major part in laying the groundwork for both their family’s strong sense of unconditional love and EJ’s current success. Both EJ and Magic have spoken in great length about EJ’s coming out story and now Cookie is finally doing the same as she opened up to HuffPost Live about supporting her son as he told his personal story to the world.

While too many coming out stories around the world deal with young LGBT kids and their disappointed and disapproving parents, as well bullying and homophobia outside of the home, Cookie explained that not accepting and loving their son, both in and out of the spotlight, just wasn’t an option.

“We had already dealt with it years ago, so for us it wasn’t a big deal. He is gay and we’re not trying to hide it,” Cookie added that EJ “never tried to hide” his sexuality and that she knew during his childhood that he was gay.

“A mother kinda knows these things,” Cookie said.

The legendary basketball wife then offered some great words of advice to other parents of LGBT kids about loving their children unconditionally.

“To me, the most important thing is to let them know that you love them,” she said. “These kids need that kind of support, they don’t want to be ostracized especially at home with their own families…and why should they be? So it was important for us to make sure that he knew…that we loved him and we supported him 100 percent.”

We couldn’t have said it any better and we continue to commend Cookie and Magic for being such great parents to EJ. Check out some other celebs with LGBT kids below. – nicholas robinson


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