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5 R&B songs with backstories you probably didn’t know

Some of our favorite songs have crazy origins, most of which never make it to the public arena. Here are 5 songs that we love that we caught wind of their inspirations.


Janet Jackson “Son Of A Gun”

This one was all about Janet’s ex-husband Rene Elizondo. Janet was inspired to put this little ditty together after Rene tried to take credit for some of Janet’s biggest hits that he claimed he had a hand in during their marriage.


TLC “Unpretty”

Producer Dallas Austin happened upon a book of poems by TLC member T-Boz and was so struck with one particular poem that he convinced her it needed to be a song. He had a great hunch as the song went on top the Billboard Hot 100 charts for 3 weeks!


Lauryn Hill “Lost Ones”

Lauryn and Wyclef’s affair was a quiet one…….until it wasn’t! Then she recorded this scathing track and made it the very first song on her monstrous debut solo album “The Mis-Education of Lauryn Hill”.


ConFunkShun “Love’s Train”

Though not officially released as a single, this song became one of the funk outfit’s most well know songs. What isn’t well known is that the song is about a love triangle between two of the band members and the same young lady.

rick teena

Rick James & Teena Marie “Fire and Desire”
Rumor has it that Rick  had to bust Teena  out of the hospital in a rush to finish this song. It’s reported that she was weak with a fever of 103 degrees when she recorded her verses.

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