Armani mistakes Alfre Woodard for Idris Elba, prompts hilarious #ArmaniCaptions hashtag



#ArmaniCaptions hashtag emerges on Twitter

Late Monday the official Twitter account for Armani fashion house was posting photos from the 5th Annual Governors Awards when they made a huge faux paus with a photo of Alfre Woodard. Woodard who was wearing an Armani dress for the occasion, was dubbed Idris Elba  in an Instagram photo uploaded by the company.

“Idris Elba posing in a gorgeous Giorgio Armani dress at the 5th Annual Governors Awards,” they captioned the photo.

The mistake which was highly offensive considering that Woodard was mistaken not only for another black entertainer but for a man, was quickly rectified but not before it was seen by “Black Twitter.” Black Twitter, which is just a loose term for very active African-American twitter users, quickly did what it does best; blasted the company and then created an amazingly creative hashtag to further show their displeasure.

#ArmaniCaptions soon emerged and incorrectly captioned photos of black celebs like the one mistaking Orlando Jones for Solange Knowles as seen below.

Screen shot 2013-11-19 at 11.53.59 AM


Check out more of Twitter making a joke of Armani’s ridiculous flub with the #ArmaniCaptions hashtag below. –danielle canada

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