Walmart’s Positively Perfect-Divah Taylor doll is sure to be hit with little girls

Divah Taylor (819x1024)

“Positively Perfect Dolls show all little girls they are beautiful,” says said Lisa Williams, Ph.D. and founder of the Positively Perfect Diva Collection. “I wanted young ladies to know that they are Dignified, Intelligent, Vivacious and Attractive – and the Diva Collection materialized.” Dr. Williams is a mom and former professor and has always wanted to inspire the best in young people. In 2003, the World of Entertainment, Publishing and Inspiration (World of EPI) was formed with the mission of expressing joy by providing children with access to dolls that encourage dream, promote intelligence, challenge perceptions, and open their hearts to all types of beauty.

“Having our dolls on store shelves and available through many online retailers is the direct result of generations of parents, grandparents, and friends wanting to provide positive play for children.” Motivated by their dreams and from Dr. Williams’ heart, Positively Perfect Dolls were born. Every doll represents positive statements, such as “I am proud,” “I am smart,” or “I am beautiful.” They are lovingly designed to show the beauty of diversity, from curly to straight hair and butter cream to chocolate skin.

Yvette Caslin
Yvette Caslin

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