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50 Cent and Lil Kim show Miley Cyrus some love


Miley Cyrus may continue to be one of the more controversial pop stars in music, but at least she can count on the support of a couple of veteran hip-hop stars. With the former teen queen’s image makeover and ‘twerk-tastic’ reputation becoming fodder for parody and criticism, many have wondered if she’s hurting her career with her provocative behavior. But in a recent interview with the Huffington Post, rapper 50 Cent shared his support for the former Hannah Montana, while also explaining that he feels artists can’t be limited just because of the public’s expectations.

“I’ve really been enjoying Big Sean‘s ‘Beware,’ Drake’s ‘Started From The Bottom’ and I’m a Miley Cyrus fan,” he said. When Fiddy was asked about the backlash against Miley, he stated,  “You can’t have artists just sitting in a box. Sometimes you build your own restraints and you prevent yourself from doing the things you truly want to do.”

In her recent interview with XXL, veteran hip-hop star Lil Kim also made it clear that she is Team Miley: “She was in [Tiffany Foxx‘s ‘Twisted’] video with me almost a year ago. We were always Twitter friends and when we saw each other out, we would always show each other love, but we came even closer. She texts me a lot when she’s about to do something. [When] we around in the same place, we always call each other and text each other and we be talking. She’s like, ‘I got a surprise for you for Halloween!’ She dressed up as me and it was the best. I loved it. I thought it was f*cking awesome.”