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Porsha Williams cries, says she misses Kordell Stewart

Porsha Williams - Crying Cover

There’s no question that Porsha Williams took one of the heaviest blows that we’ve ever seen any “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star take when her former husband, Kordell Stewart, abruptly filed for divorce earlier this year. And although the divorce was recently finalized and Williams has claimed she’s moving on from Stewart, in a new clip of an upcoming episode of “RHOA,” Williams cries as she explains that she can’t stop missing Stewart and their marriage.

In the clip, which was filmed months ago, Williams cries as NeNe Leakes  tries to console her and she explains to the veteran “RHOA” star that she’d been looking at Stewart’s Instagram page and that she misses the family she had with Stewart and his son, Sire.

“Just seeing a picture of him and Sire just made me feel like that’s my family,” said Williams as she broke down into tears again.

“I try not to talk about it because I can’t get a word out. It just hurts so bad,” she tells Leakes through tears.

Porsha Stewart-Williams & Kordell Stewart - Cover

And although Leakes tries to be a supportive friend for Williams, she explains that constantly tending to Williams’ tearful breakdowns is draining.

“I’ve tried to be there to support Porsha, but our relationship is very one-sided. It’s very frustrating,” Leakes tells the Bravo cameras.

But for Williams, finding the strength to let go of Stewart and mend her broken heart has proved more difficult than she could have fathomed.

“As much as I want to get over Kordell, being around these different women talking about children and babies, it just made me think about the family that I wanted and the family that we shared,” she explained to Bravo cameras.

Well, Williams isn’t the only star to endure a heartbraking divorce. Check out some other difficult celebrity divorces below. – nicholas robinson


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  1. China on December 30, 2013 at 1:38 am

    I feel so sorry for Porsha. It’s the way that he broke up with her. She had no idea. It was totally without compassion. It was cold and heartless. How could he do that to her unless he hated her? Know wonder she is having such a hard time. It’s very understandable. It might take a while. Why are you call her Williams, did she change her name back legally? And if she didn’t, that’s rude too. This girl can’t get a break.