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Seal slams Oprah Winfrey for this reason

Seal has suggested Oprah Winfrey knew of the allegations made against Harvey Weinstein, and described her as “sanctimonious,” just days after her rousing Golden Globe

12 of the sexiest black Brits

Nothing is more intriguing than a black Brit. They look just like us, but culturally, they are worlds apart. Like a fine wine or import,

10 Famously flawed celebrities

Sure they look amazing on the red carpet, but let’s not forget that celebrities are in fact human and far from flawless. As a matter

Can you believe these celebs dated?

Do celebrities in Hollywood fall in and out of love easily? We can’t say that they do or they don’t but what we can say

Kirk Frost opens up about cheating on Rasheeda

Monday night’s explosive episode of “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” has had everyone talking about Rasheeda’s troubled marriage as her husband, Kirk Frost, unabashedly had

Jane Lynch divorcing her wife

For better or for worse may be the promise when couples exchange vows but the promise of an everlasting marriage can’t always be kept. Sadly,

The sexiest single celebrities 2013

Their public splits may have been nasty, but it’s a new year and with summer right around the corner, we want to see some of

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