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Soulja Boy’s alleged baby’s mama presents photo evidence that he’s the father

Soulja Boy - Paternity Cover

Christmas came a little early for Soulja Boy this week, but instead of a welcomed gift Soulja Boy got one major lump of coal in the form of a paternity lawsuit. A woman named Diamond Shantaniece Mackey recently claimed Soulja Boy fathered her six-year-old child. Although many have taken the allegations with a grain of salt, Mackey recently provided photo evidence that she and Soulja Boy may have indeed been more than friends.

According to TMZ, Mackey claims that Soulja Boy was one of only two men who could have fathered her six-year-old son, Portion. Mackey claims that Portion is the spitting image of Soulja Boy and that the other man she was sexually active with at the time was biracial and her son is not.

Mackey also claims that Soulja Boy visited her son and that there are many witnesses who can attest to that claim. She also claims that she’s never kept her allegations secret and that she even told the welfare office that Soulja Boy is the child’s father.

Recently Mackey spoke up again about the case and revealed a photograph of herself sitting on top of Soulja Boy in a hotel room, where she claims she took a pregnancy test which came back positive.

Mackey says that Soulja Boy’s career blew up around the time of her pregnancy and that once he hit it big he took a DNA test, took a picture of the negative results and then cut her out of his life.

Mackey is now seeking a DNA test to once and for all prove that Soulja Boy is her child’s father. Although we’re sure she wants some of his fortune as well.

But he’s not alone. Check out some other stars that have dealt with paternity drama as well. – nicholas robinson

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