Beyoncé answers Instagram questions about her album

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Beyoncé answers #AskBeyoncé Instagram questions

After soliciting questions via an #AskBeyoncé Instagram hashtag Beyoncé answered questions during a public Q&A in New York. As previously reported Beyoncé released several videos showing the behind the scenes production of her album. In the latest video she stands before a crowd of music influencers for a director’s screening of the project and answers questions posed to her by fans on social media.

When two fans excitedly ask Beyoncé how she kept the album a secret, she revealed that the use of audio ear buds played a huge role.

“I had an ear bud in the videos, basically the song would be playing for me and the director. For instance “XO” we’re walking through Coney Island and everyone’s screaming, and I’m trying to lip synch to the lyrics. I can barely hear anything and I look completely out of my mind,” said the singer. “We went through a lot of things to keep it sacred and keep it a surprise.”

Check out more of Beyoncé answering her #AskBeyoncé Instagram questions below. -danielle canada

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