Medical marijuana: Is Georgia next?


On Jan. 17, 2014, Georgia  state Sen. Josh McKoon filed a legislative request to establish a study committee on medical marijuana in Georgia. House Speaker David Ralston stated, “I have some concerns about it quite frankly but I think, let’s take the politics out of it, and look at the science and hear the medical professionals.”

Medical marijuana use for children with chronic pain, emotional or seizure disorders is garnering more attention nationally. In Colorado where cannabis oil is available, parents of medically fragile and special needs children have seen results that could only be called miraculous. Children who have reluctantly been placed on opiates and behavioral drugs that often leave them heavily sedated and unable to function experience dramatically wonderful changes with marijuana use. The strain used is high in cannabidiol not THC, so the oil does not get the child patients “high.” It has been found to be useful in treating epilepsy, multiple sclerosis spasms, anxiety disorders, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, nausea, convulsion and inflammation, as  well as cancer treatments.  This is the strain that has caused the discussion of its use in Georgia.

Georgia Care has published a legislative guide that presents a blueprint for lawmakers to follow when considering legislation. The document, “The Model Medical Marijuana Bill” has four key principles:

1- Defining legitimate usage

2-Provide a means of obtaining marijuana legally for patients

3-Have provisions that protect doctors and employees of government from criminal federal prosecution when dispensing, providing services or collecting revenue

4-Having sensible restrictions on users of medical marijuana.

Parents of Special Needs children in Georgia may be more willing to try medicinal marijuana than is publicly known.  Current medication for ADHD and autism spectrum disorders include methamphetamines and mood altering  drugs that are cause side effects such as weight gain,  eating changes, mood swings and in some cases hospitalization.  The option of having a natural, holistic and affordable remedy is adding  to the call for reform of laws.

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