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Danny Brown blasts Too $hort: ‘He treated me like a fan boy’

Off-kilter rhymer Danny Brown got to recently meet one of his idols, but apparently the interaction was less-than-cordial for the rapper. Brown tweeted that he got the chance to meet Bay Area rap legend Too $hort recently in Hawaii, but the $hort Dawg more or less brushed him off. The Detroit rapper didn’t go into detail, but he made it clear that he got little-to-no-love from the rap elder statesman.

“Just seen Too Short in Hawaii … And he treated me like a fan boy … Lol hahahha hahahahah Y~Y~Y~Y~ ,.. Even tho imma fan but god damn cuz,” Brown tweeted.

“Damn I use to listen to Too Short” he added. “… Cuz lightweight just hurt my feelings.”

Brown went to claim that he was still at the nightclub, drinking and taking drugs.

“And yes lol I’m tweeting from some weird night club in Hawaij … Lol hahahahahah,” he tweeted. “And I’m drunk and just took my second Molly …”

Danny Brown received widespread critical acclaim in 2013 for his album, Old.