Alfred Wright murder case: Attention turns to sheriff’s failed investigation

Alfred Wright 2

The Alfred Wright murder investigation took a dramatic turn this past week. The Sabine County District Attorney has turned  the case over to the Texas Attorney General’s Office after a Texas Ranger investigation. During the investigation, serious inconsistencies and allegations were uncovered that involve the local sheriff, Tom Maddox, and Texas Ranger Danny Young.

Sabine County, Tex. DA Kevin Dutton said in the press release, “Due to the allegations against the sheriff, and to avoid any appearance of impropriety, I have been requested and have agreed to turn this case over to the Texas Attorney General’s Office…I have requested that that office handle all further investigations and/or prosecutions concerning the Alfred Wright case.”

He adds, “In order to clarify many issues being publicized, I hereby authorize the Texas Rangers to release all materials and information found in their investigation to date.”

It was also announced recently that the US Justice Department has opened an investigation at the request of US Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee.

Wright was a black man married to a white woman near racially charged Japer, Texas.  The local sheriff told the family that they had conducted extensive air and ground searches but he could not be found. Family and friends then went looking for their loved one and  found him less than 25 yards from where he was reported missing. His partially clothed body was found  in a muddy field with his throat slit, two front teeth knocked out and an ear missing. The police ruled his death an overdose and the autopsy report stated there was no severe trauma.

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