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Mike Epps hangs out in rolling out’s Star Studio

DeWayne Rogers

I write. I create. I take photos. In my spare time, I'm also a part-time super-hero. Go figure.

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  1. butterbeansuga on August 10, 2014 at 2:39 pm

    i have no idea why some people think this man is funny , just the fact he had the nerve to hate on kevin hart !! well mike epps you been around a long time so has the man who been shoving bugers off the grill at macdonalds at 57 now .. come on joking is first off not a job its a career and only the talented will survive you may have been funny in FRIDAYS BUT YOUR type of funny is only good in that particular movie and then even i found you annoying and stupid . and not funny .. no wonder kevin hart moved in a did somehting even the king of comedy dvd fail to do .. actually intertain , only a few comedians can do stand up and stay on that stage as long as hart does and still get a laugh its hart to do …comdey is not like singing sometimes you got a hit and most of the time your no body no one wants to talk about .. your handsome face has got you as far up the road as a tank of gas now go away … men mostly find you funny women find you kind of cute .. maybe like common type of cute … but really? really dude you just dont cut the mustard .,, and the thirsty females who do follow you are putting you not even on the level of lil wayne .. so go sit down