Sunjai nicknamed “Cool Flame,” has been a dancer since the age of five and joined the Dolls in 2012. An honors student, Sunjai  loves shopping, hanging out with friends and singing and plans to go to college and become a pediatrician.

Her mother Selena, a self-proclaimed “Beyonce look-alike” is also a part of the show. Selena hopes that Sunjai and her other three daughters one day become Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders.

  • burt

    Well this looks like another suck reality show that wil probably have suckcess regardless of how bad it is. Like so many other of these that flood the television and continue to make our young people dumber by the day.Remember when American television created shows with actors rather than make reality stars out of nobodys.I miss those days!!!

  • Sara

    Dancing dolls !!! Bringing us the next generation of low class strippers since 1988. All that’s missing is a stripper pole and drunk ass guys making it rain. Shame on you lifetime

    • Jerome Woodward

      I think this is one of the best shows on TV today. It shows how afro american young girls, are gifted dancers. This is showing a them doing something, positive, team oriented, goal driven. Thanks Bravo Bravo.From a proud Afro American Father of 3. Two girls. Married 30 years. Grandfather of 7.

  • Lanna Lane

    Why are they cussing on the 2015 commercial/preview? And why is Lifetime airing that? I don’t appreciate the swearing on a show that is about kids.