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‘Basketball Wives L.A.’ episode 5 best moments

Jackie Talks Draya's Mileage

Jackie says Draya has too much sex mileage

Jackie and Brittish meet up and discuss last week’s fiasco at Jackie’s GLAAD event. Brittish, of course, brings up her confrontation with Malaysia over her “dry-a** hello” and claims that Malaysia’s “bulls—” or her bougie attitude. But Jackie takes issue with Draya, who didn’t show up to the event because Jackie told the whole cast about Orlando’s alleged infidelity. Jackie explains to Brittish that Draya’s “mileage on her body is in the 40s and 50s! She’s really older.” Jackie says that Orlando tried to clean Draya up, but no one can change a “h*e into a housewife.” Meanwhile, Malaysia and Draya meet up as well and Draya explains that she’s angry at Jackie, who she thinks owes her an apology for telling the world her business.

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