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Tiny Harris celebrates daughter’s 18th birthday in Hawaii


What’s better than finally turning 18-years-old? How about celebrating your 18th birthday with your celebrity mother in Hawaii? While most 18-year-old’s get shipped off to college for their big day, Tiny Harris’ daughter and T.I.’s stepdaughter, lived it up on the tropical beaches of Hawaii.


Tiny and her beautiful daughter were recently spotted leaving Atlanta for a weekend of fun in the sun. Along for the ride were OMG Girlz, who posted up with the birthday girl for a few snaps which they shared via Instagram. Hit the flip for the Kodak moments below. – ruthie hawkins/@ruubabie


  1. kelly on March 20, 2014 at 5:37 pm

    keepin it 100% tiny need to sit down for real , that bad weave , that plastic body , and that hidious nose , is all a recipe for a man to run off on you …. she is trying so hard to down play her failing marrigage to the ex con .. with all the money … she is doing bout as bad a phedra .. niether of these women have any type of shame .
    her daughter looks really ghetto and over sized liek a macdonald fry…this is the result of lots of micky ds and wendys …. these children are eating so bad ,hormone laced foods like macdonald is causing girls to look about 30 …. she 18 .. i bet if you ask a man how old she is that dont know her he gone say 26-30!!!! this is not a good look ..
    if i was her mother i would not encouraged a bikini to show to grown men …as though shes a jet model of the week ,or in the ghetto with dookie big ghetto braids ..and THEY HAVE MONEY SO WHY THEIR HEADS BOTH LOOK LIKE THEY BEEN SLEEPIN IN A CHICK COOK … LOL …. NICE SHE GAVE HER A BIRTHDAY BASH ,BUT IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN AT HOME …WHERE YOU CAN HIDE THE HOOD …. HOOCHIE MOMA PERSONA

  2. kelly on March 22, 2014 at 9:45 am

    ANY ONE NOTICE HOW TINY IS TRYIN EXTRA HARD TO GET HER SELF NOTICED . AND WHY? SHE STILL LOOKS A FOOL . and her daughter is the result of harmons in macdonald ,wendys ,and cornflake , our children are looking 10x their age cause of all the junk ,tiny and ti make all that money yet you can see what their kids been eating , if tiny devoted real mother time into her kids feeding them more nutritious foods her daugher wouldnt look the same age as her .at 17 wow . this girl look every bit 30 ..and we wonder why sex offenders target young girls look at how we allow them to dress . and this is not the only occassion tiny has not critiqued her child attire . you cand say ohhh shes just having fun … yeh right the photo shows two hoodrats on a mission . and her daughter should not have been allowed dukie braids ,that shows hood ,ghetto misguided . being a celebrity is no compus to any of us what our kids should be wearing . tiny is almost 40 and still wearin tatoos and midrift shorts open in the front to show sex appeal YUKKKKE this is rachet at it finest ! NO WONDER TI WOKE UP AND ROLLED OVER AND SAID HE HAS HAD AMNIESIA FOR YEARS .. i dont see why she called ride or die ,when she was the one who owned the drugs in the car , that he took the rap for .. since he had already been on probation ,she should have taken the rape. if she was ride or die .. she wanted to continue her toya and tiny show ..WHICH FLOPPED … WHO THE HELL DECIDE TO GIVE A SHOW TO A 40 YEAR OLD WHO TALKS LIKE THE WORST COTTON MOUTH ..GHETTO QUEEN I EVERY HEARD ..GO TO THE WORST PARTS OF MIISISSIPPI GHETTO AND YOU WANT FIND A GHETTO QUEEN WHO SOUNDS AS BAD AS TINY !!! JUST SAD . sicik of these reality shows capitalizing on bad language bad parenting , and the classmates are other ghetto queens sittin at home . round the tv saying TINY MY MF HERO MAN! LMAAAAO