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Sevyn Streeter gets scandalous at SOBs in New York City

sevyn_streeter (8)
Ingenue Sevyn Streeter took the stage at SOBs in Manhattan last night (March 24th) and proved that after years of building a name as a songwriter and after catching fire with “It Don’t Stop,” she’s ready for superstardom. With up-and-comer Mateo as her opening act, Streeter emerged around 10pm and gave the fans a dose of her hits; and she paid tributes to some of her musical heroes like Keyshia Cole and Beyonce.

With everyone from singer/actor Mack Wilds to industry heavyweights Lyor Cohen and Kevin Liles in the audience, Sevyn turned SOBs into her bedroom, her pulpit and her temple as she swerved from introspective and heartfelt to risque and raunchy.

Check out some pics of Sevyn Streeter’s SOBs show.

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  1. Black-a-knees on March 25, 2014 at 11:32 am

    She looks like a thinner Missy Elliott