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‘Married to Medicine’s’ Quad Webb-Lunceford dishes on her hair and beauty


Quad Webb-Lunceford dishes on her hair and beauty essentials

“Married to Medicine’s” breakout star Quad Webb-Lunceford is returning to television April 6 for another season of happenings with high-class doctors and doctor’s wives. Just before that however, the reality TV diva had girl talk with rolling out about all the things that make Ms. “Absolutely Quad,” “absolutely fabulous.”

Check our hair and our beauty chat with Quad Webb-Lunceford below. -danielle canada

You’ve been lauded for your flawless skin, what is your skincare routine?

I use a product that has diamond dust for exfoliation. I cleanse once a day. I also always use an eye cream and eye serum to make sure that everything is tight. Just [be sure to] take care of your skin; take your makeup off at night and don’t sleep in it. It clogs your pores and that’s not what we want. I’m working on a product line, so it should be good.

What is your daily makeup routine?

Everyday I use the Ben Nye mineral powder. I love the highlight. A nice lip gloss is always good, but if you’re already doing so much with your clothes then you might want to go with a more matte lip. For the spring, I can see oranges and peaches, things that are very light in color [being in style.]

What type of hair do you recommend for a Quad Webb-Lunceford style look?

The hair market has become extremely saturated but it doesn’t mean that all hair is good. Before it became popular, I was wearing Indian hair 13 years ago. I like natural virgin Indian hair.

Why should viewers tune in to “Married to Medicine?”

Because Ms. Quad will be back on the screen and that’s true tea! It’s the ones that you love all over again. We’re back and better than ever. I have my catch phrases, you’ll see a lot of fun, some shade and there’s some drama. It’s a part of our life.


“Married to Medicine” returns to Bravo Sunday, April 6 at 9 p.m.


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