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‘Island of Lemurs: Madagascar’

Picture 1Stars: Morgan Freeman, Patricia Wright

This is not an animated Disney movie. That’s not to disparage Disney at all, but this is a true story about a real group of animals.
Narrated by Oscar-winning actor Morgan Freeman, Island of Lemurs: Madagascar is a documentary film that captures the work of Dr. Patricia C. Wright, a primatologist who studied wild lemurs for 26 years in Madagascar’s Ranomafana National Park.

Lemurs, the ancient cousins of monkeys, apes and humans, lived and thrived on Madagascar for millions of years, until the arrival of humans about 2,000 years ago. Sadly, today they are the most endangered mammals in the world. Follow the IMAX cameras as Dr. West and her team try to save the lemur population from extinction in the face of the rapid development taking place on the island. –p.d. lee