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Dr. Jackie Walters discusses her 50 Shades of Pink foundation, health and fitness

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Dr. Jackie Walters

On Sunday’s season premiere of “Married to Medicine,” Dr. Jackie Walters was admonished by Dr. Heavenly Kimes for stressing to Miss Georgia Plus ChaKiva Latrell the importance of good health. When the curvy Latrell introduced herself to Walters and claimed that she was “healthy,” the doctor quickly rattled off facts about obesity in black women.

Her attempt to educate the plus-sized pageant queen should come as no surprise, however, considering that Walters is an OB-GYN and fierce women’s health advocate. Walters unabashedly makes it her business to preach to her peers about heart disease awareness and believes firmly in the mantra “fit is the new it.”

Furthermore, the two-time breast cancer survivor offers education and support via her 50 Shades of Pink Foundation. The nonprofit helps women cope with chemotherapy and other treatments by making them look and feel their best despite their cancer diagnosis.

“50 Shades of Pink for me is a way of giving back. Of course, having been diagnosed with breast cancer twice, it takes away some part of you,” said Walters.

“Obviously in my case, [it can take away] your breasts, but it also took away my fertility. And talking to women everyday who are diagnosed with breast cancer, there was something missing, everybody seemed very sad.

“So I thought one way I can give back is do what I do everyday; and that’s tell them, ‘listen this is a fight but you can’t fight with tears in your eyes. So let’s get a good cry out and let’s get ready and let’s go to this war looking like you’re here to fight!’ ” she added.

Check out our interview with Dr. Jackie Walters below. -danielle canada