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Screenwriter Quincy Morris inks deal with Launch TV

Quincy  MorrisName: Quincy Morris

Scripted Series: “In Between Men”

Company: Qubed Entertainment

Years Active: 4

How did you become interested in writing and producing?
I kind of stumbled into it; I never grew up writing scripts or stories. I was actually involved in the theater for 10 years as a production stage manager and a member of the Actors’ Equity Association. During my travels, I managed over 40 productions across the country and around the world and began writing about my experiences and encounters. After my return to the states, I branched into the marketing sector of entertainment acquiring working for The Vanguard Group, SBC Telecom and Nextel.

How did you get the idea to create the “In between Men” series?
I got the idea while I was working in Marketing. I began to document all of the relationships that I encountered and how I either connected or disconnected from them. As I developed the story line, the dialogue grew from there. I wrote it is as a trailer that I wanted to film in summer of 2009. The idea of a web series was new and becoming very popular so I decided to put the trailer online. I cast the show first, then I got branding from Marc Jacobs, Converse, Nike, Fila, and John Bartlett to initiate the branding of the show and the company as a whole. I then spent the next six to eight months promoting the show through grassroots efforts and social media, which the cast worked tirelessly to make happen.

Tell me about your new syndication deal?
The network is called Launch TV. It is a small syndication network that we are happy to grow with. We have also just signed a deal with the online TV network, Kollide which is a new venture that is partnered with AOL.

What advice can you give others in your field?
Actors and actresses need to know that the opportunity is theirs. It is hard! I work hard! The dedication and perseverance can be daunting. Not a day can go by where you can’t be working. You must be dedicated. I worked 20 hour days for two years straight while having a full time job. I also want writers to not get discouraged by Reality TV. I want writers to know that scripted TV is still needed. The industry is changing all of the time and is always looking for that new, now and next big thing.

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