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What Donald Sterling revealed about the hidden culture of new racism


Fifty years ago, it wasn’t hard to spot a racist. They wore white hoods; verbally and physically attacked minorities; and often agreed with and practiced every form of segregation.

If someone hated you simply because of your race, it wasn’t hard to figure out their stance because they found a way to let you know. Those were the good ole days.

Today, racists are ostracized in our society so it’s no longer chic to wear white hoods, prevent little black kids from entering all-white schools and to speak the language of a racist in public.

But racism now exists in a way that can be more detrimental.

During Donald Sterling’s idiotic rant with his mistress, V. Stiviano, he revealed a truth that many couldn’t believe was still possible. He and his wealthy friends don’t want to associate with black people even if they earn them millions.

Sterling brings up how racism plays a major role with how blacks are looked down upon in Israel. And although his views are completely racist, he distances himself from being called a racist because he “provides” for the blacks.

This is new racism and it cuts deep when those who are in power can flex their muscle in silence. New racism prevents blacks from buying and renting homes in certain neighborhoods by driving up prices or being dishonest about vacancies. New racism prevents blacks from getting proper medical care when compared to services provided to other groups. New racism discriminates when it comes to job applicants and climbing the corporate ladder. New racism thrives with police brutality and unjust laws.

The conversation that Sterling had with his mistress happens often behind closed doors. But when those ideologies are put into action in more subtle ways, NBA commissioner Adam Silver won’t be around to issue a lifetime ban.


  1. 7734real on April 30, 2014 at 11:50 am

    “NEW”??? Really?..HECK NO!!! Nothing new at all to those of us in AmeriKKKA whose eyes have been open. It’s in our faces EVERYDAY & mostly EVERYPLACE in EVERY WAY!!!

  2. C. E. Foster on May 4, 2014 at 9:19 pm

    Donald Sterling said racism isn’t about right or wrong. That being said, Donald Sterling answers to a higher power. Even though, he was saying this to a idiot(V. Stiviano),he was talking about systematic racism. The people who build private prisons, etc.