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2-time boxing champ Yahya McClain bypasses Hollywood, makes ‘C.I.G.A.R.’ movie

IMG_9184ATLANTA — One of the most poignant things that former two-time professional boxing champion, Yayha MClain, said as he stood up front at the Midtown Art Cinema, following the premiere of his film C.I.G.A.R., is that you have to be prepared to do things on your own when all channels and options have been exhausted.

The former husband of beautiful boxing champion Laila Ali (daughter of Muhammad Ali) is the actor and producer of this captivating thriller about a man being hunted by the mob while being wanted for questioning by agents of the U.S. Department of Justice. It’s a case of Scarface meets New Jack City in an independent film about corruption, robbery and greed. IMG_9165

Take a look at the red carpet premiere below: