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Kordell Stewart denies abusing Porsha Williams

Porsha Stewart-Williams & Kordell Stewart - Cover

Porsha Williams has been anything but quiet when it comes to her divorce from her ex-husband, Kordell Stewart, revealing intimate and damaging details about Stewart’s alleged mistreatment of her. But Stewart’s revelations hit new heights this week when she claimed that Stewart was physically abusive of her during their marriage. Now, Stewart is firing back at Williams and claiming that her accusations are false.

During Williams’ recent interview on “Access Hollywood,” she alleged that Williams beat her and she claimed that she hid his physical abuse, thinking she could change him into a nonviolent husband.

“Yeah. There were several different occasions that this happened. When you’re in an abusive situation, it kind of just builds, and it starts to get worse and worse. And people ask me, why didn’t you tell anybody or call the police or what have you? I just thought that I could make it better. I honestly thought after each situation that I would change this or I would change that, and therefore the outcome wouldn’t be the same. It doesn’t work like that,” she said.

However, Stewart sent a statement to yesterday, denying all of Williams’ accusations and claiming that she’s stirring up drama to keep herself in the limelight.

“I married my wife because she was a Godly woman who had accepted her calling as a minister. The bright lights made Porsha loose [sic] her way. I no longer know the person she has become. I hope and pray she can turn her life around soon,” Stewart wrote.

Stewart insists that he married Williams for love and claims that there’s no evidence that he ever abused her.

“I loved my wife, supported her and invested in her success. As a reminder, I divorced her. At no time has [sic] there been any findings against me, during or before the divorce proceedings, to indicate anything less than a loving and supportive husband,” Stewart wrote.

Williams previously claimed that in their divorce deposition, Stewart never denied abusing her, but as it stands it’s still a situation of his word against hers.

We may never know what happened in their marriage, but it’s clear that these two will likely never see eye to eye again. Read the rest of Stewart’s statement after the cut. –nicholas robinson

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