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‘JET’ ends print magazine, announces transition to digital


‘JET’ magazine no longer selling print editions, going digital 

After June 2014, JET magazine will no longer sell print editions of their publication.

Johnson Publishing Company announced May, 7, 2014, that JET magazine, founded in 1951, will transition to a digital magazine app at the end of June. The company noted that it is “making the proactive decision to adapt to the changing needs of its readers as their desire to get information quickly and easily increases.”

JET‘s new magazine app will include breaking news, video interview and will be available on all tablet devices and mobile platforms. In addition, JET will publish an annual special print edition.

Kyra Kyles, formerly a senior editor of JET magazine and digital managing editor of, has been appointed the digital editorial director for JET online.

Just a few short weeks ago the publication announced that their former editor-in-chief, Mitzi Miller, is taking over at EBONY.

–danielle canada 


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