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Pharrell Williams covers ‘W’ magazine’s ‘Art’ issue


Pharrell Williams covers W Magazine’s “Art” issue

Grammy Award winning producer Pharrell Williams covers the latest issue of W Magazine. “The Art Of Pharrell” issue, highlights the “Blurred Lines” singer in an art-themed pictorial, featuring a variety of abstract images.

In the pages of the iconic publication, Williams shouts out women, commenting on their power and strength …

“I fully realize the power of women. If women wanted to put up their hands and say, ‘No more children,’ they could stop the world. We have to acknowledge their power: There is no person on the planet who didn’t benefit from a woman saying yes twice—yes to make you and yes to have you. And every human being came through the golden doors of a woman’s body. I’m not against the male species, but let’s make things equal. Other than the hat, I’m getting to be known for putting my hands together in a prayer of thanks. My mood these days is grateful. I am so, so grateful.”

For more shots of “The Art Of Pharrell” issue, hit the flip. – ruthie hawkins/@ruubabie