‘Hollywood Exes’ Andrea Kelly divorces husband of 2 months


Following two months of what appeared to be a happy union, “Hollywood Ex’s” Andrea Kelly divorces her barber husband, Brian McKee, over an inappropriate relationship.

On March 6, the couple were married and all seemed well.

“There’s a lot of men who say they love God, but a man who fears God, his soul is going to tremble at the thought, ‘this is someone who is my wife.’ … A man who fears God, his very first thought is, ‘What am I doing to please God that then is going to please her?’ That’s what I got, I struck gold.” Kelly stated in an interview with HelloBeautiful.

Unfortunately for Kelly, her joy was short-lived as McKee allegedly lived a second life where he romanced other women with hopes of getting paid.

According to reports, McKee, 36, messaged a young woman asking her to send him money through Western Union. Check out his messages below.

“I just got 3000 a month in bills with no job, car pmnt, student loans etc cell…i need help yesterday! !!! Need a couple western union a couple grand today!!! But we can do monthly on going or weekly…”

While McKee could have simply asked his wife for money, it all caught up with him when the woman emailed Kelly, filling her in on her new husband’s unsettling request.

“I read you’re email and I want the world to know I FORGIVE YOU! And you stepped up like a WOMEN [sic]. I’M PROUD OF YOU!” Kelly responded to the woman’s email via Twitter.

Clearly McKee has a history of shady behavior because Kelly didn’t hesitate, not even for a second, to question the other woman’s claim. Kelly later hit up Twitter to vent.

“Gave over a year of my life for this… THE VERDICT: @DreaKelly guilty on all charges of being HONEST, FALLING IN LOVE,AND TRUSTING…..”

“I don’t care if you’ve been w someone for 22yrs or 22 seconds on the 23rd you find out it’s not TRUE-that’s your cue to end it…..CLARITY!”

“I will always love me more….. 1)Roll the dice 2)Bet on DREA 3)Win EVERY time. #free”

Kelly is currently in the process of filing for divorce.
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