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If there is one thing we know for sure about singer-songwriter Melodie Nicole, It’s that her talent goes beyond simply entertaining crowds.

This socially conscious Fort Worth, Texas native, would never be satisfied with that.

Recently Melodie Nicole was so moved by the plight of nearly 300 kidnapped Nigerian girls she was stirred to action. The result, a heart-tugging song she penned, recorded and paired with a video that features a mix of compelling images.

Rolling Out got a chance to chat with the busy, independent artist about the online success of her song, “Beautiful.”

The kidnapping of the Nigerian schoolgirls has outraged so many around the world. What prompted you to write a song and sing about it? “It’s unbelievable first and foremost that someone has such little regard for the lives and well being of these young girls who were simply trying to get an education. Ultimately I felt I may not be able to directly affect the efforts to rescue these girls, but I can do something to share strength and love for them.”

The song’s lyrics are incredibly uplifting. At one point it says, “You must find peace in the midst of the storm. You must know your own strength just to carry on…” Did the song come to you all at once?
“I actually woke up in the middle of the night with this song. I just had to get up and let it flow from within me. I thought about my own daughter and what I’d say to her in terms of how to find inner strength, inner peace and to love in the face of adversity. It’s as if God was saying, I’m giving this to you to share with whoever will listen to it.”

The song and video has reached over 45,000 views on YouTube in just one week. What is your assessment of the outcome for “Beautiful,” thus far?
“I’m just so excited that people are sharing it, viewing it and giving it some attention. Prayerfully we will see these innocent girls returned to their families. It is also my prayer to uplift anyone who hears it. I want girls and women everywhere to know these lyrics “no matter what they try to take from you, you’re still beautiful.”

Watch the video of “Beautiful” by Melodie Nicole below.

Melodie Nicole creates ‘Beautiful’; musical tribute to kidnapped Nigerian girls

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