Beyoncé to be Will Smith’s new leading lady?

Beyonce & Jay Z - Cover

Beyoncé has certainly starred in a number of box office hits, but after a decade of jumping back and forth between film and music, Beyoncé has never been able to capture the greatness of her music career and transfer it to acting. But that hasn’t stopped her from landing roles. According to a new rumor floating around, she may be acting alongside one of the most A-list actors of our time, Will Smith, in his next movie.

According to, rumors claim that Beyoncé will star alongside Smith in the upcoming Hancock sequel.

The rumors have been bolstered by the fact that IMDb shows Beyoncé listed alongside Smith as his love interest, Carly Kicker, in the film.

There’s no confirmation yet for the cast but the rumor definitely has a growing number of people talking about the supposed casting choice. What do you think of it? Let us know in the comments section. – nicholas robinson

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