Black woman loses her arms and feet after getting homemade butt injections


A black woman nearly died after receiving homemade butt injections. According to a report by CNN, Apryl Brown wanted to receive butt injections after years of being teased for having a flat butt.

In 2004, she met a woman who said she could perform butt injections at a low price. Brown wanted a new look and decided to go through with the injections at the woman’s home. The woman injected bathroom calk into her butt.

Brown soon became sick from the butt injections. In 2010, she developed staph infections on her hands, feet, and around her butt. Her limbs turned black and doctors had to amputate her arms and feet to save her life. Brown underwent 27 surgeries in all.

After she became sick, Brown lost contact with the woman who performed the butt injections. She now seeks to educate other women who are considering plastic surgery to enhance their looks.

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