‘She’s Gotta Have It’ star gets real on illegal butt injections

Outside of Nola Darling (played by actress DeWanda Wise), one of the most compelling characters from season one of Netflix series, “She’s Gotta Have It,” is Shemekka Epps, —played by actress Chyna Layne. Everyone’s favorite around the way girl is back in season two and, hopefully, still making the questionable choices that made the character so […]

‘She’s Gotta Have It’ is authentically Brooklyn

Rolling out spoke exclusively to actress Chyna Layne, who plays Shemekka Epps in Spike Lee’s Netflix series “She’s Gotta Have It.” Live and direct from Alamo Drafthouse Brooklyn in Brooklyn, New York, Layne discussed her character, the choices she makes and what people can learn from them. Season two is now available on Netflix.

Anivia Cruz tells her story in BET’s ‘Killer Curves: Bodies to Die For’

Anivia Cruz is and has always been a beautiful woman. Unfortunately, Cruz didn’t realize this about herself until it was far too late. The statuesque Cruz started modeling in her late teens but says she always struggled with body dysmorphia. Although she was constantly praised for her facial features, Cruz wanted a curvy body that she […]

Ex-convict Kimberly Smedley discusses butt injection craze and how to be safe

Kimberly Smedley served almost two years in the federal penitentiary for performing illegal butt injections on the black market, which are a felony. She stops by rolling out‘s Reality Check to discuss her book, The Backside of the Story, which chronicles her introduction to the black market game. [jwplatform ju0KqHdg]

Stripper dies after receiving butt injections inside a hotel room

Daysha Phillips had desires of enhancing her figure and was willing to risk her life for the perfect look. According to reports by Fox 2 Now in St. Louis, Phillips, 22, went to a hotel near the Lambert-St. Louis International Airport to have the procedure done. Phillips was accompanied by three other women who also […]

Woman dies in Queens basement after illegal butt injection

Thirty-four-year-old Kelly Mayhew was pronounced dead on arrival at the St. John’s Episcopal Hospital where she was taken after a butt injection went awry. On Saturday, Mayhew and her mother traveled from Maryland to Rockaway, Queens, to receive black market butt shots from an unlicensed person. This was done on the recommendation of a friend of the family. Note: Friends don’t […]

Black woman loses her arms and feet after getting homemade butt injections

A black woman nearly died after receiving homemade butt injections. According to a report by CNN, Apryl Brown wanted to receive butt injections after years of being teased for having a flat butt. In 2004, she met a woman who said she could perform butt injections at a low price. Brown wanted a new look […]

Detroit woman gets butt injections, now faced with partial amputation

Keke is living a nightmare. The Detroit woman wanted to flaunt a ‘big ole’ butt so she paid $1,000 for silicone injections to be administered by an unnamed doctor. Immediately after, she became very ill and has since been diagnosed with septic shock. She later found out from doctors that she was injected with industrial […]

Women with the biggest butts

Baby got back and then some. Not sure why men go so crazy over women with those “donkey booties” and “junk in the trunk.” The fascination is a hilarious reaction to witness. Latina bombshell, Kathy Ferreiro, is famous for being eye candy and of course, she lists her occupation as you’ll never guess … a […]

Bad Booty Injection Results (Photos)

Apryl Michelle Brown was tortured as a kid  — not physically, but psychologically, which is oftentimes far worse, penetrates deeper into the soul and lasts much longer than physical beatdowns. Tired of being teased by her family and friends about her flat, “pancake” behind, Brown saved up enough money to get the illegal basement booty  […]

Extreme Cosmetic Makeovers: Butt Injections, Body Piercings and More (Photos)

Tattoos and belly piercings are like kindergarten when compared to the latest crazes in body modifications. From silicone implants and hydrogel injections — often referred to as booty shots and butt injections — to corset piercings, men and women are going to extremes to be unique and/or garner attention. Vanity Wonder, 30, spent $15,000 on […]

Celebrities With Questionable Butt Growth

When pop-soul singer Christina Aguilera performed  “Not Myself Tonight” on “The Voice” Monday, Aug. 27, members of the media and social media enthusiasts, including popontheopop.com, took note of Aguilera’s noticeably thinner yet curvier frame. Normally, they mentioned, if you lose weight in one place, such as your thighs, you don’t gain it in another part of […]

Woman Becomes Multiple Amputee After Butt Injections

The quest to have a perfect posterior was almost deadly for a California woman who became a multiple amputee after the botched procedure. April Brown of Los Angeles had multiple limbs removed after living for five years in “excruciating pain” from silicone butt injections. The mother and former cosmetologist had her legs and part of […]

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