Celebrities With Questionable Butt Growth

Celebrities With Questionable Butt Growth
Christina Aguilera, a few years ago

When pop-soul singer Christina Aguilera performed  “Not Myself Tonight” on “The Voice” Monday, Aug. 27, members of the media and social media enthusiasts, including popontheopop.com, took note of Aguilera’s noticeably thinner yet curvier frame.

Normally, they mentioned, if you lose weight in one place, such as your thighs, you don’t gain it in another part of your body, such as your breast and buttocks. And Aguilera’s noticeably slimmer in her face and body, but somehow her butt was bigger, leading to speculation that the soul singer got butt injections.

If true, she would be far from the only example of a starlet who wanted to round out her frame. But it’s the radically or extremely conspicuous change in body appearance that leads fans and pundits alike to believe that injections had taken place. Some people become like crack addicts to cosmetic surgery or get injections so pronounced that their assets look deformed — like the examples below.

Here are celebrities with questionable butt growth.

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