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Extreme Cosmetic Makeovers: Butt Injections, Body Piercings and More (Photos)

Extreme Cosmetic Makeovers: Butt Injections, Body Piercings and More (Photos)

Tattoos and belly piercings are like kindergarten when compared to the latest crazes in body modifications. From silicone implants and hydrogel injections — often referred to as booty shots and butt injections — to corset piercings, men and women are going to extremes to be unique and/or garner attention.

Vanity Wonder, 30, spent $15,000 on butt and hip injections so she could compete with fellow dancers. The mother of two knows she’s lucky to be alive after going to great lengths to be curvier than thou. Admitting the procedure left her feeling like she’d been struck by lightning and with a deforming infection, she had silicone implants to remove the lumps or as she phrased it, “sack of oranges.”

‘The first time I went for injections I didn’t know what she used. She said it was soya bean oil, but after doing my research, I don’t believe her. Truthfully, I would like a smaller butt, but I’m happy I didn’t die and am still here for my children. I did so much dumb stuff with my body, I’m lucky that I’m still living. When I look in the mirror, I think I would like a smaller butt, it’s hard to go shopping, but I’m just happy I’m still here,” says the dancer-turned-author.

Wonder has written a book, Shot Girls, which tells her personal experience of having illegal injections and warns against following her example.  –yvette caslin

Check out the other trends in extreme body modifications like corset piercing, bagel heads and subdermal implants.

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