Prince Fielder embraces body image, inspires #HuskyTwitter

prince fielder

Today, ESPN The Magazine‘s annual Body Issue hits newsstands. The tagline: “bodies we want.”

For the last five years, we’ve seen a number of top-performing athletes in this issue displaying their highly toned, athletic bodies completely nude. But this year, there was something new and dare I say, quite refreshing added to the mix: the 5-foot-11 more-to-love first baseman for the Texas Rangers, Prince Fielder. He’s not the hyper-chiseled body most expect from the Body Issue, but anyone with eyes can also see he isn’t obese and much of his body is muscled, with just a little extra cushion.

As I shared with a friend when I first saw the cover, most Americans don’t look like Serge Ibaka — they look more like Fielder; and that’s completely OK. It’s nice to see the magazine step away from perpetuating unrealistic body ideals. Depending on personal preferences, Fielder’s cover is as just as attractive as Ibaka’s, if not more.

But that depends heavily on who you’re talking to.

Fielder’s courageous statement of athleticism and sexiness led to the creation of #HuskyTwitter — an ode on social media to those with a bit more girth:


Although with every positive, there are always way more negatives and there has been quite a bit of backlash about Fielder’s cover. Is it possible that Americans have so deeply internalized their perception of attractiveness andsexiness that they can’t even appreciate something different? Have societal standards psychologically brainwashed us to not appreciate an “unexpected” beauty?

From chubby chasers around the world, Prince Fielder, you are appreciated.

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