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Lance Gross and Rebecca Jefferson’s cutest Instagram photos

Lance Gross_Rolling Out_Joi Pearson-7

Actor and photographer Lance Gross and his lon time girlfriend, Rebecca Jefferson recently announced that they are expecting, if you missed it click hereThey have been dating for more than two years, and they both are Cancers, celebrating birthdays only a few days apart; his on the 8th and hers on the 15th.

Lance posted, “Big Happy Birthday 2 My Best Friend, partner in crime, soulmate, my rock, my girl, my lady, my good habit, my bad habit, my hand holding friend, my travel buddy, my shoulder to cry on (I never cry in real life, only in movies) my biggest fan, my groupie, my hater, my everything @becjefferson.”

Check out more cute photos of the couple in the gallery –joi pearson @joiapearson