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WEEN CEO Valeisha Butterfield Jones releases new book, ‘The Girlprint’

Valeisha Butterfield Jones The GirlPrint

Valeisha Butterfield-Jones, the co-founder and CEO of the Women in Entertainment Empowerment Network, has released her new book, The GirlPrint. At the Aloft Harlem hotel, friends, mentors, tastemakers and industry influencers gathered to celebrate the release of the first book from the business maven.

The Girlprint gives young women a springboard of information to propel them from having dreams, to realizing them. In the book, Butterfield-Jones describes the harsh realities and hurdles she had to overcome to find her place in the world.

It is no surprise that a woman who helped create a network for young women who are making their way in the entertainment industry, would pen a book dedicated to that journey.

Not only is Butterfield-Jones a mother, wife and now author, she is also an award-winning youth and women’s activist. At the launch, Butterfield-Jones recalled desperately trying to get a  toehold in the entertainment industry. Through a series of failed attempts at securing an unpaid internship, music executive Kevin Liles saw something in her and took her under his wing. Through that mentoring relationship, Butterfield-Jones was able to secure an internship with hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons.

Kevin Liles

During the internship with Simmons, Liles gave Butterfield-Jones an invaluable piece of advice: “As an intern, you are a liability. Make sure you’re become an asset.” Butterfield-Jones stated that after that day she made sure to do everything in her power to make sure no matter where she went, she was an asset. With support, hard work and tenacity, Butterfield-Jones went from being an intern to serving as the Deputy Director of Public Affairs for International Trade for the Obama administration from 20o9 to 2011.

At Butterfield-Jones’ book launch, her dedication to helping young women was on display. Walking into the venue, guests were greeted by several WEEN graduates with bright smiles. The young women demonstrated what they had learned from participating in the WEEN program as they cheerfully and efficiently executed their duties.

The Girlprint, which is a self-published, self-promoted book, did so well in pre-sales that initially the book was sold out.

Attendees at the book launch included Kevin Liles, Ariane Davis, Tai Beauchamp, Tasha Marbury, and Brooklyn Nets small forward Alan Anderson.

Copies can currently be purchased  here on

Check out the gallery for photos from the event.

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