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News2 » Eric Garner, killed by police, laid to rest

Eric Garner, killed by police, laid to rest

Eric Garner in casket

Eric Garner in casket

It was a sad day in Brooklyn, New York, as another black man killed by the police was laid to rest. Eric Garner, a father of six and grandfather of two, was laid to rest in a service at Bethel Baptist Church in Boerum Hill. The church was packed as family members, politicians and the community bore witness to the end result of police abuse.

All of this was because NYPD Police suspected Garner of selling loose cigarettes on a street corner. Cellphone video footage taken by witnesses show Garner being placed in a chokehold prohibited by the NYPD and Garner pleading “I can’t breathe.” Among those in attendance was the Rev. Al Sharpton who told the mourners “This is how we get action. We can’t live in a city where they can choke us out and it’s not a big thing …You don’t need retraining, you don’t need sensitizing … There is a difference this time, this time there’s a video. You can’t tell no lies this time.”

Sharpton announced to the mourners that he and Garner’s family will be meeting with the U.S. Justice Department this Friday. The investigation into Garner’s death is ongoing with the medical examiner’s office of New York stating that it has not determined a cause of death for Garner. In addition, the medical examiner’s office has stated that a preliminary investigation found no clear signs of asphyxiation.


  1. sugarbutterbean on July 24, 2014 at 11:30 am

    GOD THIS IS A SHAME !!, in this time we suppose to have gotten farther than this? , this is exactly what spike lee was tryin to tell us with the scene in DO THE RIGHT THING ! remeber what started that riot? they choked out a black man in new york .. and they burned the hold area up … it was horrible … and when i saw this i saw the same thing . even if the guy had cigarette he was selling that was no reason , to choke him or pin his head down to the concrete like that. why not taser him? or call for back up so they could handle him without causing him injuries , he was a big guy I TOLD YALL WHITE YOUNG COPS ARE AFFRAID OF BLACK MEN THEY HAVE HARRASSED AND WRONG SO MANY THE FEAR ALONG MAKE THEM ATTACK BLACK MALES . ITS A HATE AND FEAR . comeing from years of slavery america need to work on this image . in white kids heads most those cops are poor class white men who grew up being coherced in to hatered of blacks .. i have a white friend who told me her 10 year old son, wrote on a black neighbors car… she told me he was learning that from the father of the boy both deny knowing how he got his hatred .. this is 2014 so you know if that is going on, right now . and he been expelled from school for calling a little mexican girl whett back.. 10!!! yo im sorry but they need to start hiring more black police . cause a black cope would have handled that with more commpassion , and maybe taserd him … a mentally ill black man was shot to death dallas tx 2008 cause he wouldnt sit down in the yard , and the cops were standing far away from him, and shot that boy down infront of his mothers house , come to find out , he had started yelling at the mother she called 911, and he is on meds for mental illness , but he had no gun or knife in his hand .. they just shot him .. what right do they have to do this . WHY IS THE POLICE DEPT CLAIMING THIS IS OK>?AND HOW THEIR COPS ARE TRAINED ? FLORIDA , CALIFORNIA , TEXAS , NEW YORK ..HAVE THE MOST RACIST POLICE IN THE COUNTRY … zimmerman was trying to become a cop and got turned down . not cause of his racist demeanor but cause of his weight he would have made it so he would eventulally have killed him a black person .. if given a badge . ZIMMERMAN IS THE POSTER BOY FOR POLICE TRAINING HE IS THE ONE THEY NEED TO HIRE TO TRAIN THEIR TEAM SINCE THEY ALREADY OPERATE BY HIS KILL FIRST ASK QUESTIONS LATER .
    the police dept around the usa need to clean up their racist sterio typing image all this is sterio typing , those two cops would not be in greenwich villiage , , the hamptons taking no white man down like that !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! period . if all your doing is talking to a person and they denying they done wrong you need to run the footage back you have of them doing what your claiming if they say he did this they should have been filming him from a distance and let him knew they saw him , not speculating he might have . then dragging him to the ground .. WE SHOULD MARCH IN ALL CITYS ON THIS THIS IS JUST AS BAD AS TREYVON AND RODNEY KING COMBINED ..
    plus a lot of overwieght people have health issues and heart problems they should have had that in their training ,, maybe they did but they (cops) are insensitive to any of that , and most are from the military and been over in afganistan , and act like soldiers instead of cops . two whole different trainings . .. they want to treat blacks like they did the afganistan people and shoot us all down in the street .. like the cop who beat the hell outta the black homeless woman a few weeks ago ,classic example of what i mean. im telling you it aint gonna fly . we need to change laws make them scared for their jobs .

    • sugarbutterbean on July 24, 2014 at 11:43 am

      ALL THOSE COPS SHOULD HAVE BEEN LAYED OFF NO PAY UNTIL THEY GOT TO THE BOTTOM OF THIS .. no need in back peddling now . internal affairs is joke too . .they are working for the police but pretending they investigating the claim 9 out of 10 the side with the department . not the victim ,that is why the victim family have to sue , you cant get justice sue the city .. but mean time those cops do not need to be trusted back on the street to make the wrong decision again ,, that same cop who held his head and choked him , was not a rookie but also had other complaints on him in the pass, so he has developed a method in his mind of how he will deal with black males . all fear and evilness , you should not be able to be a kkk, skin head attitude and be a cop .. noooooo dam way .. . in florida they just fired 4 cops they found out were a member of the kkk~!!! i swear GOOGLE IT !!! I DONT KNOW WHO TURNED THEM IN BUT .. YALL!! THIS IS NOT THE ONLY ONES WHO ARE , MOST YOU CANT CATCH THEM , THEY ARE REAL SECRETIVE … so when injustice is done to blacks it will not link the kkk to the crime and then a out cry and buildings will be burned down , so a lot of times they want tell us what kind of organization these cops are in .. sometimes they know about it and want say shit …. until a crime has occured that is questionable like this one


  2. Stack Mack on July 24, 2014 at 11:21 pm

    It’s been over 20 years since the Rodney King incident and police have learn nothing or either don’t give a f###. To choke and kill a man because he’s large, even though you have plenty of backup, is a coward act. Why does this country never learn from it’s past mistakes? Police need to start being held accountable for their actions just as citizens are.