‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’ episode 15 best moments

Mimi Talks With Deb About Stevie

Deb Talks With Mimi About Stevie

In the midst of Mimi’s grieving, she gets a visit from Deb, who tries to console Mimi in the aftermath of her father’s death. Deb shares her own sad story about the death of her son, Kayo, and Mimi reflects on her own pain dealing with death as well as her dysfunctional relationship with Stevie J. Mimi reveals she was so adamant about maintaining a relationship with Stevie for Eva’s sake because her own mother conceived her during an affair and didn’t let her meet her real father until she was 16. Later on, Mimi confronts Stevie about his malicious texts and he apologizes to her. But he also refuses to stop trash talking Nikko until Mimi sees that he’s a bad guy for her.

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