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Orlando Scandrick and Draya Michele split

Draya Michele & Orlando Scandrick - Cover

Draya Michele and Orlando Scandrick had a tough time keeping their relationship together during the latest season of “Basketball Wives LA” after it was revealed Scandrick once tried to date Jackie Christie’s daughter. Now, after enduring such a scandal, the couple has apparently decided to call it quits on their relationship.

According to, rumors have been swirling for the past few months that Michele and Scandrick’s relationship has been on the rocks, and this week the two stars posted cryptic Instagram messages that have left many believing that they’ve now split up.

Draya Michele - Breakup Photo

“People are going to be who they are whether u make a complete change in front of the world or not. I did my part and have no regrets,” Michele captioned the photo.

Scandrick posted a cryptic message of his own, but then later deleted it.

Orlando Scandrick - Breakup Photo

There are no details on exactly why the couple has split but rumors claim that Scandrick’s infidelity is what eventually brought about the couple’s demise. – nicholas robinson


  1. butterbeansuga on August 8, 2014 at 4:25 pm

    what you think will happen when you marry a h.o jeez these NFL AND NBA STAR DONT GET IT THEY THINK CAUSE THEY NEED A LITTLE PR .. AND grabb on to one of these reality sharks that they can hold on to them …. a shark is one of the fastest fish in the sea and also the sneakest … lol draya will find another one what she need to do is understand that these ballers know her reputation. she aint no church girl, and that show has made a mockery out of all of them who are on it … she might as well sit down and get a real job .. they like to be with BALLERS CAUSE THAT KEEP THEM IN THE NEWS … I WOULD NOT WANT TO CHANGE LIFE WITH ANY OF THEM .. ANGELA SIMMONS SAID IT BEST there is no such thing as hollywood couples they are more like walking disasters , that is why kim and kanye dont have a fire ball in alaska chance of making it …as a couple please!!! they cant even sit down for a few months and play house afraid they may smell each others shi..t and then pack up

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