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Iggy Azalea set to work with Lil Kim? ‘It’s time to find that record’


With Lil Kim reigniting her feud with Nicki Minaj earlier this week, it looks like the Queen Bee may have a new sidekick in her anti-Nicki campaign. T.I. revealed in an interview this week that his protege Iggy Azalea could be working with Kim on music very soon. When Nicki referenced female rappers using ghostwriters earlier this summer during her BET Awards acceptance speech, many fans interpreted it as a dig at Iggy; and according to some reports, so did Iggy herself.

T.I. has denied ghostwriting for Iggy in the past, but he did say that a project with Kim could be in the works.

“I got a call from Kim,” Tip told Hot 97. “She said it’s time to find that record to get [an Iggy collaboration] done.”

“Well, in the game of chess, you must think five moves ahead,” he said in regards to Iggy possibly using this as a maneuver against Nicki. “Protect your pieces and cover the board.”

T.I. also shared that Iggy is looking to possibly work with Remy Ma, who was just released from prison after a six-year bid.

“Yeah, she’s a fan of the sport,” he said. “I believe she’s gonna be eager to show support…”

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