Ferguson police unlawfully arrest lawyer (video)


The National  Conference of Black Lawyers has requested that lawyers from around the country go to Ferguson, Missouri, to work with the National Lawyers Guild. The NLG is in Ferguson to ensure that the constitutional rights of protesters are not being violated by the police or the Missouri National Guard. In response to the events that are unfolding, Atlanta-based  activist attorney Mawuli Mel Davis organized a legal team to assist the NLG. The team includes lawyers Jessica Robinson, Ecleynne Mercy and Shawn McCullers.

Last night the legal team witnessed the unlawful arrest of an NLG lawyer by police. Davis recorded the arrest and issued the following statement, “This is a video of a National Lawyers Guild lawyer being arrested and is the  very reason we are here in Ferguson. He did nothing.  He was standing next  to us filming an arrest and was suddenly pointed out, pushed, then  arrested. The human and civil rights violations here in Ferguson are deeply disturbing.”

The video can be seen below:

[jwplatform KVhhfOjW]

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