Mawuli Mel Davis stresses importance of voting on AM Wake-Up Call

Mawuli Mel Davis is a founding partner of the Davis Bozeman Law Firm, where he leads the firm’s civil rights division. Davis spoke with rolling out on the day of  the Senate runoff about the importance of voting. To watch the full interview, click play above.

Mawuli Davis shares how he developed an interest in law and justice

Mawuli Mel Davis is a founding partner of the Davis Bozeman Law Firm where he leads its civil rights division. Davis attended the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland, where he played varsity basketball and earned a bachelor’s degree in political science, and served in the U.S. Navy as an officer for nearly 10 years. […]

Legal warrior Mawuli Davis explains why social justice training is a must

Across the US, many major urban cities have seen protests involving social justice and the Black Lives Matter movement. Atlanta is no exception but there are things a person should know before entering the fight for social justice. Activist lawyer Mawuli Mel Davis of the Davis-Bozeman law firm is participating in the event “Legal Training to […]

Talcum powder linked to cancer pushed to Black women by corporation

Many women make it a part of their regular hygiene to sprinkle talcum powder on themselves and undergarments, especially after a shower. It’s something that has been a regular practice especially for women in the Black community. But recent evidence and lawsuits now show that this practice could be endangering their health. There have been at […]

Ferguson police unlawfully arrest lawyer (video)

The National  Conference of Black Lawyers has requested that lawyers from around the country go to Ferguson, Missouri, to work with the National Lawyers Guild. The NLG is in Ferguson to ensure that the constitutional rights of protesters are not being violated by the police or the Missouri National Guard. In response to the events […]